Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where are all the posts?

Where are all the posts? 

Sorry for not getting some updates done everyday like I would want to. In my defense when I am not driving it is like trying to write a term paper at the Super Bowl! There is so much laughing and messing around that I would never be able to concentrate on writing SQUIRREL!

So that only leaves me to writing it at night when we finally get into the hotel room...

Well this is really starting to get difficult to get done. We are having nonstop fun and laughing till our sides hurt. I only hope I can capture it all and get it written down.

So now my screen is starting to get fuzzy again so I must turn it off to recharge my battery.  But let me leave you with one of the images from our trip so you can see one of the many awesome things we got to see this trip (that's still not done).

Click for larger Image

 GC2H5GY Scenic Overlook near Cotter Arkansas