Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IT2 Day 1.1

Day 1.1

Still day one

Have you ever been disappointed about something but decide to do it anyway? Well that is what not having a Jack in the Box to stop at for lunch was for me when planning this trip. Well guess what, Globaltreckers trip may have started off with a big bump but mine was going great, from the freeway I could see Jack in the Box calling us home for lunch. Simple stuff, that’s all I need to keep me happy. So we tanked up and off we went for our first cache in Louisiana.

The Train Gang in Louisiana

It was raining hard as we pulled into the first rest stop in Louisiana. Off to the bathroom we went before we got GC21RCV Bienvenue en Louisiane because all the iced tea had done it’s job and now wanted to leave. Globaltreckers stayed by the car while we went and then found the cache. While he was walking over to us a very friendly Deputy Sheriff stopped him to ask what we were doing and that someone last week was doing the same thing and told her the same answer. She never got out of her car to see, and when she saw the GoPro she hide her face. Funny she was talking on her phone and playing solitaire on her work computer but we did not care since no ticket was issued.

You boys are doing What? That's Insane!

What you should think about when planning a trip but we were totally clueless about is are you wanted where you are going? We stopped in Louisiana for gas and food and ran into some racism. Not real bad no rocks or things like that just nasty looks and you could feel the dislike for us because of our skin. Not everyone there was like that but enough that even I noticed and I am normally clueless to stuff like that. Since we were close to the interstate highway it was not that much of a problem. So just think about it a bit next time you plan a geocaching trip, just because there is a blip on your map does not mean it is as safe as you think. The friendly people more than made up for the others all the places we stopped at on the trip. New places new experiences, that is what we wanted and that is what we got.

Major DNF and time suck at the oldest cache in Mississippi, GC90 Bonita Lakes cache. We tried to bushwhack from the mall but it was wet, we were in sandals, it was real late at night, two of us were in shorts and the real trail head was closed for the night. So we had to call it because the rest of the trip was more important than just one cache. 

Our first priority was states, then 1st caches so after three DNF’s in the same town off we went down the road with only a few caches we could get before going into Alabama. So now with the windshield continually fogging up from all the moisture from rummaging around in the woods we finally found a cache in a cool small town on a rail car so all worked out for us and finally no contact with law enforcement. Quitman Train Depot GC3ET6B was our find in Mississippi, it was fitting cache for the Insane Train and easy to boot!

Here is a random pic from our trip. My side after I drove for a bit. Now time to pick it up a bit so the other side can get trashed. Don't worry it's a rental :)