Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1.2

Day 1.2

So with the car finally real quiet, Silly and I were awake but that was it. We just kept keeping on all the way into Florida, Only a few feet into Florida but that is all we needed to find a cache and get a new state. GC3MA76 Welcome to Florida. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, EVERYBODY WE ARE IN FLORIDA. OK really it was only Gobaltreckers that was still asleep when we got there but he still had to wake up. Atmore is a really cool old town. Looks to be from the plantation days but it was still dark and we didn’t stop to check on local history.

Gas is the Prius lasted longer than I had originaly planned so I was just using gas buddy on the fly to get some of the best prices in the country. $3.13 a gallon at one point. But that meant I also was stretching it a bit at times.
We drove 10 miles past the point were the car said we had no miles left so we could get cheaper gas. But have no fear Globaltreckers said you could one or two miles on battery alone if we ran out. Good to know. So it was finally light out when we got gas and we were hungry.  So in Prattville Alabama we stopped to let the guys have Cracker Barrel for the first time.  And I knew there would be a cache there.  Found a famous signature on 181 Cracker GCTR03   AirRaidFan!

So finally 6:24  am Pacific time 26.5 hours from the start of our journey we finally found a 1st state cache GC126 Trussville Civitan - Alabama's First Cache. Not much to write home about on this one but it was great to see a cache maintained for so long. On the way out Grizz said there was one on the bridge so we looked and looked then thought maybe the water took it? Nope it was a mystery cache and that is where the icon was :) HA Grizz thanks for the mosquito bites.

On the way to Atlanta we passed by the Talladega speedway and man di we want to stop and see how fast we could get a rental car on the high banked oval. But not time for the Insane we pressed on looking for our next cache and next state.

Just east of Atlanta is Georgia’s first cache GC1D Beaver Cache. I had posted in the forums our plans and while we were headed this way I got an email from a local saying he would be waiting for us at the cache. AWESOME! We love to meet locals and this is a first for us.  Kunarion was there when we pulled up and it was nice to get to walk out with him talking and taking some pics along the way. This was a big cache of the five gallon size.  Quick find and back to the cars we went. I felt kinda strange when we got back to the car because it was like thanks great to meet you now we are off. I like to take my time to get to know people a bit better but sorry didn’t add that into the route.  Georgia is done and now two of the first caches. Day still is far from over. It is only 11am our time so we better keep on keepin on.

So as always here is a random pic from our trip

Closest to a sleeping silly we got