Monday, April 29, 2013

Insane who me no way! Day one

Insane who me no way! Day one

I call them day one, two, three… because they are not Thursday, Friday, Saturday they are from when we get out of bed to when we get back into one. 

So as it gets closer the guys are asking how many caches and which ones are we getting. While an exact number won’t be known until after our trip I am looking real close at the route to lock it down a lot closer.  Most of the stops are planned around stopping every couple of hours and making those stops at highway rest stops with caches. Also gas is spaced out about every 300 miles and I also used Gas Buddy android app to see what areas had better gas prices. If we could save 10 cents a gallon by driving a bit longer I used those places to get gas. With traveling over 3,000 miles every penny counts.

So here is day one of the Insane Train Part Deux Rise of the Tweens!

Group 1

4:00 AM PDT  Leave Uniontown Wa to Spokane Airport  93 miles

6:30 AM PDT Depart Spokane fly to Dallas

2:05 PM CDT Arrive Dallas Love Field and meet up with Group 2

Total Time 8 Hours

Group 2

? AM PDT Leave Terrebonne OR to Portland Airport 138 Miles

? AM PDT Depart Portland fly to Dallas

2:05 CDT Arrive Dallas Love Field and join up with the Insane 

Insane Train All times will be CDT on the Insane Train until arriving back at home

I have given us a few hours extra time in Dallas just in case of delays and traffic.

6:00 PM  Leave Dallas Area

8:41 PM  Arrive Rest Stop  GC21RCV 15 minute bathroom and cache break

10:36 PM Gas stop / Bathroom break West Monroe , LA 15 minute stop

1:21 AM Rest Stop GC3511M 15 minute stop

2:24 AM GC90 30 minute stop

4:30 AM Gas Stop Citronelle, AL 15 minute stop

5:56 AM GC3MA76 10 minute stop

7:21 AM  GC2A7TE rest stop/cache 15 minute stop

9:40 AM GC126 30 minute stop

10:30 AM gas stop 15 minutes Leeds, AL

1:15 PM GC1D 30 minutes

4:37 PM Gas Stop Blacksburg, SC 15 minute stop

5:15 PM Stay the night near Gastonia, NC

Time since landing in Dallas 27 Hours and 1268 Miles

Time since leaving Uniontown, WA  35 Hours

Time to get some Shut eye and start fresh the next day.

I am still debating on having an event that night because a lot can happen in this trip to make us late and or way to tired to want to talk to anyone.  If anyone lives near Gastonia, NC and would like to host an event Friday night around between 6-8 PM CDT we would love to stop by for a bit let us know.