Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wanna Ride

Wanna Ride 

So you wanna ride the Insane Train but got snubbed on the invite, or there is now way your body could do this without killing someone, or you live to far away to bribe us to let you go or you just cant afford a trip like this. Well we understand that is why we would like to invite you to ride virtually. We have four ways for you to join us on the trip. 

Follow us on Neongeo. There is a free thirty day full demo from the Google Play Store or it is a very affordable $4.26. Once you download this app you must go into the settings and turn on “Follow Me” You can set how accurate you show up on the map and how often it updates. You will be looking for Globaltreckers, Grizz Rider, Silly Me or quadsinthemudd.

With Google Latitude I will have a live map on my blog that anyone can view from the web. It will be active only while we are on the trip. 

One of the riders in our group is a twit so you can follow us on Twitter if you would like (hint globaltrecker). https://twitter.com/InsaneeTrain
Yip is has two e's at the end of Insanee, since Insane was taken John gave me some love by doubling up on the last letter. Maybe we should just change all of the spellings to Insanee

Right here. At the end of the “day” (when we stop not 24 hours) I will do a blog post short or long, depends upon the “day”, what happened that “day”.

So hope to see some comments from you guys while we are out there and if you see us coming to your area come see us at the cache site but don’t be sad if we don’t stay long. Trains has to stay on schedule.