Sunday, May 27, 2012

Route 66 Power Run day

Day 3 The Power Trail

Well today was the day for the route 66 Power Trail. On our trip so far I have had 10 hours sleep starting this day but with the energy hurshh had we would not be stopped.  The day started late with us leaving the Hotel about 7:15 so we didn't start caching until 8am. We cached non-stop for 12 1/2 hours to find 867 caches today. With hurshh doing most of the running with a few breaks from others and a crew stamping them and keeping him full of logs. While this has not been the highlight of the trip it is still something to say we have done with pride. 

We used two vehicles to move six people down the road. Stamping was done in my car and handed to the Prius to be delivered. 

This was all done over and over and over again untill there was no more light left in the sky, and then we did it over again. 

While the caches were all the same today there was a few bright spots we did find.

What a day glad to be heading in the direction of home, but I have no clue what the next two days will bring. Hopefully a few more hours of sleep.