Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a normal day

Just a normal day today for the INSANE Train we only drove 440 miles and grabbed 24 caches.  That brings the total miles to about 1800 miles and 36 caches.  Not a power caching trip so far but a power run.

Today started out getting some real cool caches in Winslow AZ and taking a trip back in time to before I was born. It is great to see the history right before your eyes that you have seen on the TV and heard stories of.

From there we headed west stopping at some caches that were close to the highway but mostly ones we thought would be cool. Like this Old Bridge GC1CGFQ  what a fun off road excursion in the Contour to a bridge that was built in 1913!!! This cache would set the tone for the rest of the day. Fun caches and great scenery.

We then stopped in Williams AZ for some caches and was pleased with the feel of the town. A total Route 66 type of town. I can see myself coming back to this town to spend some time and ride the train to the Grand Canyon.

After that we got started to put the petal to the metal so we could get to Barstow and cache since it has a few power trails near it!  NOPE Another side trip for a few caches turned into a few hour stay with tons  of fun and a few souvenirs  purchased for the families. Seligman the town that Radiator Spring got some of it’s inspiration from was the highlight of the day for me. It was fun from start to finish. This town is kind of a tourist trap for car buffs and Route 66 lovers so I was in heaven. You really have to go to appreciate it.

So we would not get to Barstow early so why not go see the London Bridge. So one more detour was added to the trip but was well worth the time. The bridge was AWESOME and I was able to go off road with the car one more time today.  Sunset was great and dinner at Panda finished the day off great. We spent a lot of time at and on the bridge so it was getting dark by the time we left for Barstow.
We were halfway to Barstow from Lake Havasu when a cop pulled out behind us. Man I thought not again I wasn’t speeding and I had fix the license plate lights so I was sure he was not going to stop me. But I wasn’t prepared for him to pass me going over 100mph. So nothing broke and no cops today it was a good day.