Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Crew The Stamp The excitement

With only 16 days until we depart the station the crew of the INSANE Train is getting real excited!  We are all in the final preparations for our journey with only a few loose ends to sew up.

So the crew is set:

Fairyhoney Port Orchard, WA
Globaltreckers Madras, OR
Grizz Rider Clarkston, WA
Hurshh Moscow, ID
Quadsinthemudd Uniontown, WA

We are coming from all over the Northwest to meet up and do some INSANE caching over the Memorial Day weekend-ish.  We are a group of cachers that before Geocaching we did not know each other.  But now we can all come together in one big fat INSANE trip to enjoy each others company.  This is really what the power trails are all about for me an adventure with good people. I don’t think I would do them alone and I know for sure I would not have done more than one.  So this week I am going to highlight the crew members of the INSANE Train so you can get to know us a little better.

And as with any power caching trip I have designed a stamp to use on the logs, to save time and make a letterbox cache when I get home.  We will also have shirts with our logo on it so all will know that we are certifiably INSANE!!!