Friday, May 25, 2012

Just the beginning

Just the beginning

Oil everywhere, detour, friendly law enforcement officer and crazy hotel guy that kicked me out!

Well our trip started late because one of the riders showed up after six so a little behind but no big deal. Had a few things to do before we could leave town so off to get the last rider and the car washed before we left. When we got to the car wash it was closed and the car was smoking like it was on fire! So upon further inspection I noticed that when I changed the oil I forgot to put the oil cap back on so it blew motor oil all over the engine.

Next we changed the plans 8 hours before we left and decided to go to Potters Pond GC3B instead of Wyoming which would save us miles and cost us time. This was the best thing of the day so far. What an awesome place! We would love to come back with the quads some day. Also was able to get a new cache at over 9600 feet above see level!

Then it was off to the races! We were five hours behind and no way to make it up so blasting down the road we went. With only a few stops for gas we would stay only five hours behind until Hursh want to go to four corners to stand if four states at once. NO WAY WE ARE SOOOO LATE! But since it was on his bucket list we wasted another hour and twenty minutes so he can say that he has done it, but we did not get any caches.  So now we would not get into Winslow until 8pm if we did not stop to eat.  So 9pm it is with full tummies.

So now it is ten to 9 and we are three miles from our exit and along comes a nice police officer who stopped me because my license plate light was out. This was kind of an ordeal since the day I left I looked at the insurance card in my wallet and it was expired so all I could do was log into my account and save a pdf file of temporary cards on my phone with the date that I downloaded it and the valid dates for my policy. So while I was showing him all that info he asked me if I was burning oil…..well kind of and I had to tell the story of my stupidity to him. Then since I just got my new plates for the truck and the car when I put them on the vehicles I left the paperwork on my desk at home. Don’t worry it is probably safe and sound with the twelve volt splitter I forgot also. So I had to take a walk back to the cop car with him so I could give him all the info he need to bring up the fact that I was QUADS and that this was my car and I was not sad enough to steal someone’s 96 Ford Contour (don’t get me wrong I love the car but really I would steal something way better). After a few minutes he gave me some paperwork for the license plate lights and I will fix them on day two before we head for Barstow.

Then comes the fun of the night, a small little man who has nothing better to do than try and ruin someone’s night.  We arrived at the motel that I had book and was suppose have been charged in full at time of booking. So when he tried to charge my card again I asked about my reservation and told him they took my credit card info and was suppose to charge my card since the reservation price was nonrefundable and needed advance purchase.  Then he started to yell at me saying that I was calling him a liar and a thief. WHAT?! No I wasn’t there was a misunderstanding  and I just wanted to know what was up? So he kicked us out of his motel???? That’s fine we got a room it was more money and no breakfast but its all good. So if you are going to stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona do not ever stay at Americas best value inn!!!!!

Long day so good night.

28 Hours straight in the car it was well worth it. INSANE yes stupid NO!