Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Excess Baggage

The last two weeks have been very busy getting everything ready for the trip and life does not stop just because you are planning on going on an INSANE trip. While I have not got our profiles up for all to see who is truly Insane we should have enough windshield time to get something going for you. 

I did find another way for you to ride along with us as excess baggage. You can follow us from this blog post on Google Latitude. During our trip the live tracker map will be enabled so all can see our progress along the way. I have limited coverage on our trip but when we are on major routes it should update. 

So now you can follow us on Latitude, NeonGeo, and twitter.

To follow on NeonGeo you must enable friend follow and look for Grizz Rider, Quadsinthemudd and Globaltreckers.

To follow us on Twitter use link to follow