Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aided by Apps

Aided by Apps

This Insane Train will be aided by apps all the way. From finding caches to allowing us to be seen on a live map. So here is a rundown of some of the apps we will be using. Note we all have android phones so these apps may not be available on iphones, windows phones or a Blackberry.


this app is my favorite geocaching app. I have used cache sense, cgeo, app and Neongeo and found this one to be the best for me, plus the paid version is only $4.26(free is a full use version limited to 30 days). I use Neongeo when I want to grab some quick caches or have a few minutes and want to look for caches all over the world.  I love the how easy it is to use and the compass on the map screen makes it the closest to my garmins for finding caches. Then when I find the cache I can upload a pic I took or take one while writing the log. Also I love the friend follow feature on Neongeo so my friends all over can see where I’m caching and I can see them when they are caching.

This app is AWESOME when you travel because it helps find the lowest priced gas. I have adjusted what states we stop for gas in and will save .30 a gallon just by stopping 20 miles early. This app only works if the users are posting prices so we will be helping out as we drive since three of us will be siting for hours without anything to do.

Google Latitude

I will be turning on public follow while on our trip so anyone who goes to my blog can track our progress from the web just by going to that post and viewing the map no registration is needed.  This is included in Google maps so no special app is needed. We hope you like this feature on the blog. We used it last year but the cell service I had was not as good as it is now.


This app searches web sites for the best price on hotels flights and cars. I use it search for potential hotels and then try and get a better price by calling direct or visiting the hotels  web site. With Kayak you can tell it to search for rooms for 4 adults or even multiple rooms, so this is why I don’t use priceline or Hotwire because I need to know for a fact we have two beds. I also use them on the web before or trip for planning flights. Try them you’ll like them.

I never like to go with the first bit of information I get. Plus  I get a free nights stay after 10 nights and if I am going to stay at a hotel that uses I am going to book it through this app. Sometimes you can get a better deal and you can tell it 4 adults so no  hassle at the front desk.

Motel 6

Just in case we want to go super cheap and fast. With four people it gives us the option of a deciding if we want the free breakfast from a $100.00 a night hotel or some drive through breakfast after a $50.00 Motel 6 room.

Trip it

This website and app take all our reservations and confirmations and keeps them in one nice and tidy spot. All I have to do is pull up this trip and my itinerary with confirmation numbers, dates and times are all in one handy app.

I advise anyone who is traveling to use the app of the company you are traveling with to help you know delays and any information you can get without having to go up to the counter. I just traveled back from North Dakota and used the Amtrak app and I was able to see that my train was late and an estimated time of arrival. No phone calls no getting to the station an hour to early.

Flight Aware

Okay this one is just because I am a airplane nerd. You can see where the airplanes are headed to that fly over me. Also I can see John’s flight in the air and know if he is on time or not. Really this one is just for me to kill time.

These are the apps that I use and find that they come in very handy at times, I would love to hear from you if you have a favorite android app for caching/traveling.