Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First state caches on our route

First state caches on our route

Here is the list of caches that are on our trip that were the first ones hidden in each state and still active.

1 Mississippi   GC90 10/19/2000 Bonita Lakes

2 Alabama  GC12601/02/2001 Trussville Civitan

3 Georgia GC1D 06/03/2000 Beaver Cache

4 North Carolina GC70 09/30/2000 Octopus Garden

5 Tennessee GC132 01/06/2001 LPS001

6 Arkansas GC1B  06/27/2000 Gorilla Stash

7 Texas GC62 09/26/2000 Tombstone

Now here is the other states we plan to get

8 Louisiana

9 Florida

10 South Carolina

11 Virginia

12 West Virginia

13 Oklahoma

So don’t forget to follow us on Neongeo or latitude and if you can meet up with us along the trail.