Monday, April 30, 2012

How do you make an EXTREME Geocaching trip?

It all starts with an idea. Like anything else something will spark you to do a little more than just wish/dream about a trip/adventure.
My spark for this trip started with Moun10Bike asking if I was going on another power run because he would love to experience it. Well I had not planned on it since after the ET Highway I didn’t really want to cache for over a month so I was done with power trails. I had the memory to share so it was time for something new. 
Well that didn’t last long he dropped a spark in some oil soaked rags and I could not put out the fire! Thanks a lot Jon J  So first thing for me is to create a simple plan of what to do and then throw it in the fire and let it BLOW UP!
The simple plan was to fly down Memorial Day weekend with Jon a few good caching friends (someone who could deal with me nonstop four days in cramped quarters so that is a small list) do Route 66 grab some cool caches and fly home. Short, sweet, fun and not to stressful. Well that was before the fire now it is 9 states, over 3,000 miles, over 1,000 caches, four cachers in one car for just five days. Tough but not impossible.

When I started with the idea I had to make up a team. That is always a tough one because of money, time off, spouses and all the small things that can derail this INSANE TRAIN. After I had the team, I had to add things in for each cacher to help meet their goals and to add to their drive to finish this way out of hand idea.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Historic Route 66 in Arizona

I have been looking at some great cache locations in Arizona along the old route 66. They have come out with a series of caches called Historicaz66 I have created a public bookmark list to show the 36 caches that are currently published. Here is a link to one of the caches that is bookmarked Historicaz66 cache from there you can check out my public bookmark list. Also here is a link to the Historicaz66 website. I am also looking at all the caches within 1 mile of the route so I can find some awesome caches along the way. As it gets closer I will load the top 20 Favorited caches in each state so that if we get close to one we don't miss something that is super cool. Wow this is a bunch of work and all for just one of the days. Winslow AZ - Barstow CA.

GC64F7 Standing on the corner 162 Favorite points most in AZ
If anyone has some great caches they would recommend please feel free to leave a comment please

Let's get started!

So here is my first post on our upcoming Geocaching trip. We are headed down to Barstow California to do the Route 66 power trail. With a few stops in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada on our way down. It's 3,000 miles in five days with over 1,000 geocaches. I will be updating this bog with some videos of the planning and our trip.

First thing I had to do was find some crazy.... no make that INSANE cachers to go with. Done! Then make a tentative route. Done! Now for some fine tuning. I'll get a pic of the route soon.