Thursday, April 26, 2012

Historic Route 66 in Arizona

I have been looking at some great cache locations in Arizona along the old route 66. They have come out with a series of caches called Historicaz66 I have created a public bookmark list to show the 36 caches that are currently published. Here is a link to one of the caches that is bookmarked Historicaz66 cache from there you can check out my public bookmark list. Also here is a link to the Historicaz66 website. I am also looking at all the caches within 1 mile of the route so I can find some awesome caches along the way. As it gets closer I will load the top 20 Favorited caches in each state so that if we get close to one we don't miss something that is super cool. Wow this is a bunch of work and all for just one of the days. Winslow AZ - Barstow CA.

GC64F7 Standing on the corner 162 Favorite points most in AZ