Monday, April 30, 2012

How do you make an EXTREME Geocaching trip?

It all starts with an idea. Like anything else something will spark you to do a little more than just wish/dream about a trip/adventure.
My spark for this trip started with Moun10Bike asking if I was going on another power run because he would love to experience it. Well I had not planned on it since after the ET Highway I didn’t really want to cache for over a month so I was done with power trails. I had the memory to share so it was time for something new. 
Well that didn’t last long he dropped a spark in some oil soaked rags and I could not put out the fire! Thanks a lot Jon J  So first thing for me is to create a simple plan of what to do and then throw it in the fire and let it BLOW UP!
The simple plan was to fly down Memorial Day weekend with Jon a few good caching friends (someone who could deal with me nonstop four days in cramped quarters so that is a small list) do Route 66 grab some cool caches and fly home. Short, sweet, fun and not to stressful. Well that was before the fire now it is 9 states, over 3,000 miles, over 1,000 caches, four cachers in one car for just five days. Tough but not impossible.

When I started with the idea I had to make up a team. That is always a tough one because of money, time off, spouses and all the small things that can derail this INSANE TRAIN. After I had the team, I had to add things in for each cacher to help meet their goals and to add to their drive to finish this way out of hand idea.