Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will my wife ever get a weekend with me?

Will my wife ever get a weekend with me?

So it's not all about the numbers. But sometime it's a lot about the numbers. I'm in the final stretch of my 10,000 push. I am headed to Tonopah NV to get 450 caches this Labor day. I was hoping to get it done so I could spend it with the family but that didn't happen so off to the ET Highway again. Globaltreckers needs 805 caches and I need 465 caches. So I will be grabbing only ones I need and not signing the rest, then hitting up the others on the trail I have already found. 

How many of you would do that? I think I am kinda sick in the head, but loving every minute of it.

So the best part off this weekend is another chance for a car load of 12 year old boys to get together and have some seriously juvenile FUN! 

Stay tuned for some GoPro video of our high jinx :)