Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stamp it!

Some of the stamps I have created

On Google+ I was asked if I used stickers to sign the logs on power trail. No I don't I make stamps to go along with the group I am with and the area that we are caching in. So here are a few of my creations and the stories that go with them.

My Personal Stamp

I created this stamp for my personal use while caching. It uses brown ink so it looks like mudd.

The GeoShuttle Stamp

I created this stamp for my friends trip to the first ET Highway. The stamp is of a Ford Explorer as the Space Shuttle because they were taking their Explorer and they named it the GeoShuttle. After they returned home this stamp was made into a Letterbox cache GC2H38J.

NW Alien Hunter

This stamp was created for my trip to the second ET Highway. You can see this thing stamped in Nevada over 1500 times!!

These are just three of the stamps I have made. I will add another post with a few more in a bit. I really love to make these things for our different trips and friends.