Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10,000 Smiles
1 Long Frown

So how can you make your sixth anniversary more work than fun? Make a goal that is tough to reach!

September 16th I will have been caching for 6 years and what fun that has been. In the last few years I have done some serious power caching on the ET highway, Route 66 and a few other smaller power runs and I am burned out on numbers. So WHAT was I thinking when I thought of making my 10,000 cache by my anniversary? Shouldn't be tough I'll just hit some trails and it will be easy. 

Well I am now down to the wire, I have switched jobs so I can no longer grab a few caches everyday and I am totally burned out on power runs. So that brings us down to one month left and I need 800 caches (yup I know my profile says more but I am being lazy in logging also). So I will head down to Boise hit some trails and be done with it. One problem I start doing the power trail and I just want to go for a hike, get one with a ton of fav points, go swimming or anything but be stuck in a car all day getting the same cache over and over again. I do have some great fun with my friends (check this video out) but now I have to give up my Labor day weekend to go get 500 caches. So off to the ET highway again to get the newest caches and ride with my buddy while he gets another 500 caches I already have so he will reach 10,000 on the same day! Crazy? NO! INSANE? YUP for sure! My wife keeps saying just quit. But I can't quit it is not in my blood. So in a week and a half I will be driving 16 hours to cache all day and get 1,000 caches (only can sign 500) and driving back just to say that I have 10,000 caches in six years. Dumb, very dumb. I vow this to be almost for sure my last power trail!

If anyone is up in the Sammamish, Washington area on the 16th of September come see us at my party 10,000 Smiles in six years what a game and get a smiley for yourself.