Monday, October 15, 2012

Going Super Social

Going Super Social

Well if it wasn't for Geocaching I never would have even gotten a FB account. Now I am hosting a Live Google+ hangout televised on YouTube! How did I get here from there? 

Really I don’t know how it happened but with the rise of Google+ I have started to go super social. Accepting cachers into my circles from all over the world because of the relatively easy way to separate them from friends and family posts. And with the expansion of geocachers sharing things with me I have started to listen to more Podcasts and read more blogs that  are out there. I even have been featured on Cache-A-Maniacs Connections episode. Episode 8 Quadsinthemudd  This is something that never would have happened had Google+ not come around.

One other great thing from Google+ is the hangout that you can see and talk to others all over the world directly through your Google+ feed. I have not done a ton of this since you have to be stuck at a computer for this (my smart phone is not able to do it but some can). And Google has also made Hangouts Live, so now as someone records a show through Google Hangouts you can watch them live while they record it.
I was introduced to one such show Ultimate Caching Quests. This show while not my favorite has one of the best segments of any Podcast, Blog or Hangout. They challenge us to a geocaching related task every other week. This has become a fun way to cache for Globaltreckers and I. We live 7 hours away from each other but still have found ways to complete these challenges together.  I find that every other week I am just chomping at the bit to find out what they are going to try and get us to do. This has really inspired our caching and given us ideas at new ways to cache and we have had some fun thinking up some new challenges for them.  We even sent them a video challenge for them to complete.

So this brings us to the point of going super social.  We have been challenge to find a cache blindfolded while we are being directed by a fellow cacher. Sounds fun but there is now way John and I can complete this one together……..or……..wait a minute.

Technology + determination + geocachers = Super Geeky Fun!  We are going to use John’s smart phone with Google+ hangout capability, my home computer with webcam and Live Google+ hangout to find a special cache. I will be directing John from my home computer while he is blindfolded and searching for the cache all while you can watch this LIVE WHILE IT HAPPENS!  

So now I am blogging about my Super Geeky Social Fun. If my English teacher in high school could see me now writing for fun she would have a coronary right on the spot.