Monday, August 3, 2015

Insane Train 4 The Spouses Shore Excursions

Insane Train 4 The Spouses
Itinerary & shore excursions

I will be using paypal to collect for the excursions if you would like to use your credit card or live far away. With PayPal I have to do it like you are just sending me money if not they will send me a 1099IRS form like it was income and I was going to make money off the deal. If not you can pay me directly. I will not be collecting funds until it gets closer to the sailing but I will need to know who is going on what excursion and how they plan to pay.  Please comment below or send me an email so I can track it all in one place. Thanks Quads

Here is the list of shore excursions for the trip. All plans are subject to change due to cancellations by vendors or a need to skip some caches to get our buts back to the dock. I am giving you the breakdown of costs and what the excursions will include. For those of you who book all of the excursions if there is money left over you will be receiving a portion of that money to reduce the cost of your total expense. For example if 10 people booked all the available excursions and there was a $200 surplus after all was paid each person would receive $20 back. Like I said before I am not here to make any money I just want to have some fun. I had to add into the cost the extra money because it is more expensive per person the less people you have going on the excursions. I hope you find it well worth you time and money to go on them with us. If you are still not convinced this is your best bang for your buck and that you will have a great time just post below and I will sell you on it :-)

 Sunday September 20th
At sea day we will meet at a location onboard the ship to be determined later. We will be meeting onboard the ship to distribute swag, info and excitement.

Monday September 21st
1pm arrive in Juneau we we have a 15 pass van reserved and can get another minivan to accommodate all to Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center. Entrance fee is included. Those who are physically able can hike to the base of Nugget Falls GC1EHCT. For those that can’t there is a visitors center and cache near the parking area. There is a possibility of a quick return trip to town for those not wanting to do the hike. We will be caching back to the boat dock. We plan to arrive by 5:30pm
6pm there will be an event at the top of the tram. Also some caches and earthcache are at the top. Ship departs at 10pm
Mendenhall Glacier

Includes Trackable Sigmarx ride to and from the Mendenhall Glacier visitors center AND entrance fee. Stops at Geocaches there and back. If you are not going on the hike it will take you geocaching while the others are hiking.

Includes Trackable Sigmarx and Tram ride to the top of the mountain to the Geocaching event.

Tuesday September 22nd
Glacier Bay GC33E9G we will meet on deck once during the day. If you purchased all the excursions there will be a Trackable Sigmarx for each person paid.

Wednesday September 23rd  NICHOLE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
7am arrive in Sitka meet on the dock at 8:30 for the tour shuttle to the first cache placed in Alaska GC68. For those of you who are able to hike you may continue on a 3 mile hike through the wilderness of Alaska. There will be a returning shuttle to pick us up at the end of the hike. If you are not able make the hike or feel you have to much cash in your wallet and just want to return to Sitka as soon as we get the first cache you can ride that shuttle back to town.

1st cache and hike

Includes Trackable Sigmarx and Ride to the 1st cache placed in Alaska and back to Sitka or if you choose to be dropped off at the 1st cache and hike in the wilderness it will come back and pick you up at herring cove and take you back to the ship.

Thursday September 24th
            7am meet on the dock at 8am and take some minivans to Harriet Hunt Lake GC532RH
            up above Ketchikan and on the return to the dock stop at  GC5TW8Q
Totem Bight State Park.
Rental car caching

Includes Trackable Sigmarx and Rental car to Harriet Hunt Lake and geocaching/sightseing Ketchican

Friday September 25th
                7pm Victoria Canada YOU NEED A PASSPORT!
                Meet at the dock and take a limo to Landsharks store for an event, then on the return geocache back to the ship.
Limo Caching

Includes Trackable Sigmarx and 3 Hour Limo Ride to Landsharks store and the Geocaching event then a drive around town geocaching before we have to board the ship for home

 It is $180 for all the excursions and you should get some back at the end if all goes as planned.